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Faith Tampa Bay has the honor of serving our community in two main areas -


Our Title One Public School campuses and in Assisted Living Facilities. 

A Title one school in the State of Florida is classified as a school with a high percentage of students living near or below the poverty level.  We know that generational poverty due to lack of resources, education, and empowerment repeats itself.  We want to help bridge the gap between the need in these schools and the resources in the local church and church body providing support, love and encouragement.

For many aging seniors, assisted living facilities are the best option for spending their retirement years. Providing loving support, engaging quality time and hope filled acts of service; we hope to help each senior saint feel seen and loved by providing churches and local businesses opportunities to meet these needs.

Locations we currently serve.  See where you can plug in!

why title one Public school campuses?


Most teachers spend their own money to provide needs for their students.

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Celebrating Potential

At risk students need to know they have a community that sees their value and potential

Relationship Building

Our goal is to build relationship with the local school body and the church body

Fill the

Whether it's teacher appreciation, financial literacy or spiritual support, we want to help the local body meet the needs as principles ask for support.

why assisted living facilities?

Time is all 
you need

Many of our senior saints have amazing stories of a life well lived.  Just a willing ear and an open heart is all that is needed to make someone feel loved.

They long for companionship

Many of the seniors don't have many visitors, your smiling face and love breathes hope!

You can bring the kids

What an amazing opportunity to teach your little ones how to share love by letting them join you while reaching out.

Spiritual Support

Through weekly chapels, special services and outreach 

opportunities, the options of purposeful ministry and spiritual impact are only limited to your time and availability.  We would love to connect you!

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